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When I was 14, I gathered together a bunch of old beat-up oil paints my sister had from old projects. I moved everything away from a large wall in my bedroom and began to draw and finally paint a horse mural across the entire thing. At this point I knew I loved art, and I was the happiest while drawing or putting together birthday invitations for friends. Life took it’s own course, though, and heading to college was not in my immediate future.

By the time I was 23, I was married with two kiddos and taking care of my home. Going to school was the last thing on my to-do list… But my love and passion for art and design was still very much alive


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WordPress Website Design

Building WordPress websites has become an enjoyable faset of my work. I am not the best with HTML or CSS, but with WordPress, I can do it all! I have built 4 websites for clients, one portfolio (mine!), one general and two e-commerce. I would love to do more, it’s a wonderful experience every time!

Logos and Corporate Identity

Doing logos and creating an identity for a company is hard work with huge rewards. Logos need to not only look good, but have the ability to stand the test of time. When designing for a company, many things need to be considered and thought needs to be put into how the client invisions their future

Graphic Design & Typography

Ahhh, typography… Probably my most loved part of graphic design. Type faces and font families make me swoon! I enjoy finding the right font for the right occasion. It’s not only a challenge but a blast!And of course designing all of this is just the heart and soul of my entire production.



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